How to Book a Fishing Charter in Destin, FL

Destin, FL is a premier and destination fishing location. On any given day you have the opportunity to catch trophy fish, if, you pick the right crew. Here is how you you pick the right Destin, FL fishing charter tailored for you and not leave your adventure to chance.

Not all boats and charters are created equally. Here at Reel Legend Sportfishing, we are all in. This means we have invested in the best boat, top of line gear and top rated crew. We are not bragging as this is very expensive and hard work. We do this to give our customers the best opportunity at catching trophy fish in their short time with us. In fact, most cases we want to catch fish more than our clients! Whether you are fishing a half day or full day, it is our job to maximize each adventure.

When shopping for a good fishing outfitter in Destin, FL, here are a few considerations to take into account that could very well save your trip:

Is the Guide Full Time? We have a lot of part-time fishing charters here and “water time” is important to dial in the bite. We are are the water daily here in Destin allowing us to know where the fish are, how deep, target species, etc. We also keep extensive logs to dial in trends of baitfish, migratory fish and more.

Does the charter cater to kids? As fishing charters captain’s introduction children to fishing is the joy of the grind. However, it is easier said than done and this is why you need to be very careful. Our kid-friendly charters go above and beyond to ensure you child gets an educational trip as well as a safe trip. Children leave our fishing boat having learned fishing techniques and conservation.

Fishing Charter Destin FL

Beware of cheap pricing! I can’t tell you how many clients we have fished with that have been burned by other so called “Charters” in the area that were half our price. They book us shortly after, with the same story, “We should of booked you first!”. The cost of a charter has many factors including the price to rent the boat, captain and mate, gear, bait, etc. Just ask a boat owner, this stuff is not cheap. Do yourself a favor and don’t fret over price. You just might put your family and friends in an unexpected situation.

If you are looking to go fishing in Destin, FL, trust the you found a top notch Captain and Crew in Reel Legend Sport Fishing. As stated, we are truly all in. This is what we do for a living and we are very passionate about it. Each morning is an opportunity to put a smile on your face with a memorable adventure. We put our reputation on the line daily and our 5 star reviews make it all worth it.

If you would like to book a fishing charter, please call or book online at your convenience.

Tight Lines,
Captain Zach



Awesome morning trip for David and his family. We caught a beautiful wahoo along with red snapper and several other fish. We specialize in large group family trips as are licensed to take large groups and our boat is very spacious.

We are fully operational during COVID and we are taking extra precautions to make our boat and gear as clean as possible.

Wahoo are a type of fish that can be quite challenging to catch due to their quick speed and elusive nature. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can increase your chances of catching one:

  1. Use the right equipment: Wahoo are fast swimmers, so you’ll need a strong rod and reel that can handle their power. A 6-7 foot rod with a fast action tip and a high-speed reel with a good drag system is recommended.
  2. Use live bait: Wahoo are predatory fish that like to chase live bait. Some good options include bonito, mackerel, and squid.
  3. Troll at high speeds: Wahoo are known for their speed, so trolling at high speeds (around 12-18 knots) can help you entice them to bite.
  4. Use wire leader: Wahoo have very sharp teeth that can easily cut through traditional fishing line. Using a wire leader can help prevent them from biting through your line.
  5. Pay attention to the water: Look for areas where there is a lot of current or structure, such as drop-offs, reefs, or weed lines. These are areas where wahoo tend to congregate.
Remember, catching a wahoo requires patience and persistence. Keep trying different techniques until you find what works best for you. Good luck!