Fishing Charter Rates

Rates are $200.00 per hour for up to six passengers, each additional person after 6 is 10% of the trip cost. Charters start at 4 hours and can go up to a 3 days.

4 Hours -   $800.00

5 Hours-   $1000.00

6 Hours-   $1200.00

7 Hours-   $1400.00

8 Hours-   $1600.00

9 Hours-   $1800.00

10 Hours- $2000.00

11 Hours-  $2200.00

12 Hours- $2400.00

12+ Hours please contact the Captain Directly to check availability and pricing.

Special Trips and Trophy fishing please contact the Captain directly for pricing.


What should I bring with me?

Here are a few items we suggest: Sunscreen, plenty of water, polarized sunglasses, food, and snacks.

How many people can fish on the boat?

We are coast guard approved to legally fish 12 people, so bring the whole family or all of your friends.

What kind of fishing can we do?

We can cater to any type of fishing that you would like, if you want to do some sport-fishing and catch a "Reel Legend" or you want to fill the cooler up with red snapper, king mackerel, or grouper, we bottom fish as well.

Can I bring kids onto the boat?

We love nothing more than teaching the next generation of anglers, kids are always welcome and we will make sure everyone is taken care of equally. 

Is the salon air conditioned?

YES! Inside the salon area you relax and take a break from the sun, eat a sandwich, take a drink and still watch the action. Don't forget to check out all of the photos from our previous trips! We love to share our experiences.